Britain, the Happy Suitor of a Fairyland

  • Toshio Yokoyama
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One of the most conspicuous ideas about Japan which dominated the reviews of Laurence Oliphant’s Narrative was the simple one that the amiable nature of the Japanese had not changed for centuries. Henry Reeve, in his review published in the Edinburgh Review,1 quoted extensively the accounts in Narrative which seemed to emphasise this point:

Universal testimony assures us that in their domestic relations the men are gentle and forbearing, the women obedient and virtuous …2 Upon no single occasion … did I ever see a child struck or otherwise maltreated … Kaempfer, Charlevoix and Tit-singh, agree in saying that the love, obedience, and reverence manifested by children towards their parents is unbounded; while the confidence placed by parents in their children is represented to be without limit.3


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