The Creation of the World Automobile Industry

  • Rhys Jenkins
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The period since the early seventies has been a time of profound change in the international motor industry. It has of course been a period of severe crisis in the industry. It has also been a period of significant advance in the internationalization of capital which has led to the creation of a truly global industry. Whereas the sixties were characterized by the development of three major blocs within the motor industry in North America, Western Europe and Japan, the seventies have been characterized by the increasing unification of these three blocs to create a single world industry. This development can be seen in the increasing similarity of motor industry markets and production techniques in the three centres, the increasing interpenetration of capitals and the reorganization of the operations of the major multinationals on a global scale integrating production operations not only in different countries within regions but also in different continents. This development in the internationalization of the motor industry has further intensified competition in the industry giving rise to centralization of capital both at the national and the international levels. The tendency towards greater internationalization of capital in the industry is a further development of the process analysed in Chapter 3. However, the process has been accelerated in the seventies by the general economic crisis and the effects of the increased price of petrol on the motor industry.


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