‘The best damned clarinet player in New Orleans.’

  • Barney Bigard


Uncle Emile had promised to take me to see Lorenzo Tio for lessons but it looked like he took his sweet time about it. I kept on asking him and he said, “Soon boy, soon.” Meantime I started to watch for Tio, where he would play and all. I followed him all over the city of New Orleans. Anytime he would play a parade I would be right there listening to what he was making on that clarinet. Wherever he played I’d go and stand around the bandstand and all my listening was to the clarinet. I didn’t care about the rest of it. If I heard a riff or something else that I liked, then I would hum it in my head, and keep humming it. I’d leave the dance and keep on humming it until I got home and no matter what time it was when I got home I would get out the horn and try to pick out the notes. I would keep on until I got it down right.


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