“I never was conscious that there was a whole movement.”

  • Barney Bigard


The history books on jazz tell you that with the happenings out here with Ory’s band, coupled with Bunk Johnson and George Lewis and their thing in New Orleans, there was a whole revival movement sweeping the country. I never was conscious that there was a whole movement going on. In fact I was too busy working to pay any attention to anything. I guess, to be truthful, that there was a lot of New Orleans dixieland players working that couldn’t find a job for years. Some people were trying to build them up and generally succeeding. I mean there was a woman out here named Marili Morden that helped Ory get some jobs. She was once married to Dave Stuart, who was one of the guys that rediscovered and recorded Bunk Johnson. Then a little later she was married to Neshui Ertegun. They had a little record store on Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood called the “Jazzman Record Shop.” Later Neshui went on to own Atlantic Records, but in the mid 1940s they had a small record label called Jazzman or Crescent. One of the two.


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