Future Regional Satellite Systems: The Case of the Caribbean

  • Donna Demac
  • Aggrey Brown


Several regional satellite systems have now come into existence: Entelsat, Arabsat, and Palapa. These have been discussed in other chapters and documented in the reference section that follows. There are, however, various plans for new regional satellite projects that deserve attention. The major initiatives at this point involve the Caribbean (Carisat), the Andean countries of South America (Project Candar, which will start on Intelsat capacity), and Africa which has already gone through several studies involving the ITU Glodon project or Afrosat, the French/UK AFSAT study and most recently the new ITU RASCOM study. New regional systems will, of course, be reported upon as they come into being in future editions of Satellites International. The following section reports on the planning process being followed in the Caribbean. In many ways it is parallel to ongoing planning in the Andean countries and in sub-Sahara Africa.


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