Ultrashort Sleep-Wake Cycles During Single-handed Transatlantic Races

  • Claudio Stampi
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Short and ultrashort schedules of sleep and wakefulness, which provide subjects with multiple sleep opportunities throughout the 24 hours, have demonstrated that in laboratory situations adult humans are able to adapt without notable difficulties to sleep/waking patterns of respectively 5 min/ 15 min (n=9, exper. lasted 12 hrs), 30 min/60 min (n=6, 10 days), 60 min/120min (n=5, 6 days) and 60 min/-160min (n=10 40 hrs) (Lavie et al. 1981, Weitzman et al. 1974, Carskadon and Dement 1975, Moses et al. 1975).


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