República Federativa do Brasil
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Private Security

  1. The following are Brazil’s main private security companies:Google Scholar
  2. Conservadora Planalto, CLS-414 A-1/3, Brasilia, DF (244–3658)Google Scholar
  3. Empresa Alvorada Servicos Gerais Ltda, 210 Rua Roma, São Paulo, SP (262 — 0856)Google Scholar
  4. SEBIL Ltda, Rua Frei Sant’Ana Galvao 61, São Paulo, SP (228 – 2273)Google Scholar
  5. Servicos Especiais Guarda SA, SGO-Q-03, Brasilia, DF (223 – 0788)Google Scholar
  6. SERVIPRO Ltda, Rua Cardeal Arcoverde 477, São Paulo, SP (852 — 6854)Google Scholar
  7. SVS Estrela Azul, Rua das Palmeiras 303, São Paulo, SP (67 – 6138)Google Scholar
  8. VIGBAN SA, Rua Barao de Itagipe 191, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (248 – 5759)Google Scholar
  9. Wackenhut do Brasil SA, Avenida dos Passos 122, Rio de Janeiro, RJ (243 – 243–0032)Google Scholar

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