Maritime Enterprise in Australia: the Australasian United Steam Navigation Company [AUSN Co.] and Macdonald Hamilton & Co., 1887–1939

  • Stephanie Jones
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One of the earliest overseas trading networks established by Mackinnon Mackenzie & Co. from their Calcutta base arose from Mackenzie’s visit to Australia in 1852, prompted by news of the discovery of gold there the previous year. In Chapter 1, we saw how the partners ran sailing ships from Calcutta to Sydney and Melbourne and through their associated firm in Scotland, from Glasgow to Australia. This business was ultimately to lead to the award of a mail contract, the formation of a coastal shipping company in Australia and the establishment of a merchant partnership to act as its agents. To a greater degree than in other countries in which Group businesses operated, because they were British owned, they were resented by local enterprises and accused of stifling indigenous commercial growth.1 How justified were such assertions? What was the impact of these two companies on Australian shipping in comparison with local concerns?


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