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What to Do when Something is Wrong with the Eye, the Ear, the Nose, or the Mouth

  • Muriel Skeet


Eyes are extremely delicate, and good care should be taken of them. When an eye is injured, treatment should be given immediately. Some injuries or conditions are serious, and for these medical help should be obtained as quickly as possible. These are:
  1. (a)

    a wound which cuts or pierces the eyeball;

  2. (b)

    a blow which causes the eye to fill with blood (Fig. 13.1);

  3. (c)

    great pain inside the eye (the diagnosis is probably iritis or glaucoma) (Fig 13.2);

  4. (d)

    a difference between the sizes of the pupils (Fig. 13.3) (the diagnosis is probably brain damage, poisoning, stroke, injury to the eye, or glaucoma or iritis, but remember that some difference is normal in a few people);



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