How PR Differs from Advertising

  • Frank Jefkins
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As we have seen in the first chapter there are many clear differences between public relations and advertising. One informs and the other persuades, one seeks to create understanding and the other aims to persuade people to buy or to take some desired action. Any form of publicity is not therefore advertising, but misunderstandings about the distinction mean that the media are often afraid to declare product names in case the reference is misconstrued as advertising. This leads to the unfair situation when a product is named when the news is bad, but is not named when the news is good! Moreover, it is not enough to define advertising as publicity which has been paid for, because although no payment will have been made for the space or time given to PR information, some cost, such as manhours at least, will have been involved in its supply to the media. Public relations is not therefore free advertising.


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