Operational Amplifier Applications

  • Graham Bishop


In this chapter a selection of practical circuits is given to coordinate the theory and circuitry of the preceding chapters and to enable the characteristics and functions of the linear circuits to be demonstrated with a minimum of experimentation with component values. The circuits are designed around the 741 operational amplifier described in chapter 6, although a variety of other operational amplifiers will perform in a similar way to the 741 and can be substituted in the circuits.* The 741 requires a supply voltage of ±3–18 V, offset adjustment being optional in all circuits and being achieved by connection of a 1 kΩ potentiometer between pins 1 and 5, the slider going to −VCC. Component values are not critical and in most cases 10 per cent values are suitable. The circuits are divided into seven sections from simple amplification to pulse-coded modulators, and combinations of these circuits are possible for more complex function generators.


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