Large-scale Dye-ligand Chromatography

  • M D. Scawen
  • T. Atkinson


Affinity chromatography can prove an elegant and efficient solution to the problem of purifying individual enzymes from a complex mixture, and is frequently applied to such purifications on a laboratory scale. However, affinity chromatography is rarely employed for the large-scale purification of enzymes, despite the apparent advantages, in terms of rapid processing, high recovery and ease of automation (Janson, 1982) which the technique possesses. Conventional affinity ligands which have been used for the large-scale purification of enzymes fall into two main groups: (1) those which are specific for the desired enzyme, in which case the ligand is generally a substrate, a substrate analogue or an inhibitor of the enzyme; (2) those which will interact with a wide range of enzymes because the ligand is one which is recognised by many enzymes. Such ligands are immobilised nucleotide cofactors such as NAD, 5–-AMP or 2–,5–-ADP (Mosbach, 1974). General ligands can be employed for the separation of similar types of enzymes on the basis of their differing affinities for the ligand, allowing the selection of appropriate adsorption and/or elution conditions.


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