The Influence of Housing and Shaft Configurations on the Performance of Rolling Bearings By Finite Element Analysis

  • M. M. A. Taha


Determination of rolling bearing deflection accurately is of great importance for machine tool applications. The methods most widely available in literature for calculating rolling bearing deflection are based on the simplifying assumption of rigid races which retain their circular shape on loading. In reality the bearing tracks, together with the housing and shaft which support them, are also subject to deformations, which may be significant when compared with those of the contact areas and of the rolling elements alone.

Using a finite element technique various types of bearing assemblies under realistic support conditions were investigated to evaluate the deflections, rolling element load distributions, stresses and deflected shapes of the races. This paper furnishes information on the performance of rolling bearings in various types of fully flexible housing and shaft configurations under different conditions. For the designer it gives an idea of the scopes which exist for obtaining more rigidity from a given bearing assembly.


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  • M. M. A. Taha
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  1. 1.College of EngineeringKing Abdulaziz UniversityJeddahSaudi Arabia

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