How Creating a Good Impression Can Improve Your Business

  • Roger Cliffe-Thompson


When questioned, most people say that they do not believe that they frequently judge people by their physical appearance. One of the aims of this chapter is to suggest that often, when meeting someone whom we do not know well, we do judge them by their appearance. This first impression they create influences our subsequent relationships with them. If they create a good first impression, then we do not immediately ignore them and this gives them an opportunity to show us their other qualities. However, if our first impression of them is poor, then we often ignore or do not listen to them and so they are deprived of the opportunity of showing us their possible true worth. First impressions are very important in the salon. What does the new client think of you, the salon and the staff when she first encounters them? Is the impression a good one? What do you think of a new client or someone coming for an interview when you first meet them? Are these judgements of use? What do they mean?


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