The Measurement and Description of the Surface Texture of the Skin

  • J. C. Barbenel
  • S. Makki
  • P. Agache
Part of the Strathclyde Bioengineering Seminars book series (KESE)


The surface of the skin consists of a layer of dead, keratinised epithelial cells. It is not flat but forms a pattern of ridges and grooves. The best known of these are the fingerprints or dermatoglyphs, but even at sites where such patterns are absent the surface is not smooth but covered by a more-or-less regular pattern of intersecting grooves. The intersecting grooves form nearly regular geometrical figures (Tring and Murgatroyd, 1974) and the variations of these with site, age and disease have been described (Pinkus, 1927; Chin and Dobson, 1964; Verbov, 1975; Wagner and Goltz, 1979).


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  • J. C. Barbenel
  • S. Makki
  • P. Agache

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