The Mystery of Edwin Drood

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Composition By the early summer of 1869 three-and-a-half years had elapsed since Dickens had published a novel; he had been busy during that period editing All the Year Round and delivering his public readings, but the gap between Our Mutual Friend and its successor turned out to be unprecedented in Dickens’ career. According to Dolby, the manager of his reading tours, he began ‘to cast about for a subject for a new book’ in May 1869 or thereabouts; and in July he wrote to Forster:

What should you think of the idea of a story beginning in this way? — Two people, boy and girl, or very young, going apart from one another, pledged to be married after many years — at the end of the book. The interest to arise out of the tracing of their separate ways, and the impossibility of telling what will be done with that impending fate.


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