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There have been numerous collected editions of Kipling’s work, of which the most important are the following:
  • The Outward Bound Edition (11 volumes published in 1897; others, to a total of 36, appeared at intervals to 1937).

  • The Edition De Luxe (limited edition of 38 volumes, 1897–1937).

  • The Swastika Edition (15 volumes, 1899; published in the USA).

  • The Uniform Edition (28 volumes, 1899–1938).

  • The Pocket Edition (37 volumes, 1907–38; published in London, but an American version was also published).

  • The Bombay Edition (31 volumes, 1913–38).

  • The Seven Seas Edition (27 volumes, 1913–26; published in the USA).

  • The Sussex Edition (35 volumes, 1937–9). This posthumous edition incorporates Kipling’s final revisions made during his last years and is therefore of special textual interest; it includes two volumes of prose and a good deal of verse hitherto uncollected.

  • The Burwash Edition (28 volumes, 1941; published in New York) follows the text of the Sussex Edition but disposes its contents differently.


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