Lamb and Co.: Life and Letters, 1801–2

  • Winifred F. Courtney


Journalism was not all of Lamb’s life in 1801 and 1802. The Albion took up perhaps two months, mid-June to mid-August, 1801; the Morning Chronicle two weeks in September, and the Morning Post some six weeks from early January 1801, to mid-February 1802. Around and even during these periods he was much occupied with friendship. Only some thirty-five letters survive from these two busy years,’ something less than two a month, but from Godwin’s diary we know that Lamb was at home most of this time and learn a good deal about his social life. New on the London scene was that feckless companion of Pantisocrats George Burnett, not to mention someone called the Goul, another ne’er-do-well, sometimes assistant to Rickman.


Assure Turkey Dine Opium Dispatch 


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