The xvii Party Conference, January 30–February 4, 1932

  • R. W. Davies


A month after the 1932 plan and budget had been approved, the xvii party conference met from January 30 to February 4, 1932, and heard reports from Ordzhonikidze about ‘the results of industry in 1931 and the tasks for 1932’ and from Molotov and Kuibyshev on the ‘directives for the compilation of the second five-year plan’. The xvii conference met between the XVI congress of June-July 1930, which was held at a time of reckless optimism in industry and planning, and the xvii congress of January-February 1934, which was dominated by a more sober and realistic self-confidence; and it reflected the ambiguities and uncertainties prevalent at the beginning of 1932. It was low key, disappointing some of the delegates as well as the future historian.


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