On the Improvement of Viscous Lubricants for Coldforming Processes

  • N. A. Abdul


Industrial coldforming of machine parts is usually preferred for economic saving on material and labour due to flashless formation of scale-free parts with close tolerance. The advantages are largely dependent on successful application of coldforming lubricants which are available on the market.

A large percentage of coldforming lubricants comprises of viscous lubricants which rely on ‘Extreme Pressure’ (EP) additives for action. The EP additives may remain ineffective if favourable condition for their chemical action does not occur.

This work establishes that viscous lubricant mixed with wood sawdust is more efficient than when the lubricant is applied on its own.


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  • N. A. Abdul
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  1. 1.Department of Mechanical EngineeringUniversity of LagosNigeria

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