A Simple Model for Predicting the Possible Surface Roughness of a Cylindrically Traverse Ground Workpiece, When Using Wheels Dressed with Single Point Diamond Tools

  • N. P. Fletcher


It is known that grinding wheels dressed with single point diamond tools impart a screw thread effect on to workpiece surfaces ground with them. In cases where the work piece surface finish is critical, it is advantageous to know the conditions which will give the required surface roughness. It is the scope of this paper to present an analysis of the cylindrical traverse grinding process, coupled with the dressing process using single point diamond tools, to predict the resulting workpiece surface roughness.


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  1. 1.
    FLETCHER N. P. (1976) Single point diamond dressing of aluminium oxide grinding wheels and its influence in cylindrical grinding, Ph.D. Thesis, Loughborough University of Technology.Google Scholar

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  • N. P. Fletcher
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  1. 1.Department of Engineering ProductionLoughborough University of TechnologyUK

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