The problem of unity amid diversity

  • Julian Critchley


Prophecy, as I suggested at the beginning of this book, is an unprofitable exercise. But there is one conditional forecast which can be made with assurance. It is that, if political divisions between the signatories of the North Atlantic Treaty become so serious that their co-operation to resist aggression against any one of them cannot be depended upon, the CPSU will certainly use its military superiority to achieve the domination of Europe. Whether this were done by open war on the German front, or by using a local situation elsewhere as a pretext for intervention, or by the process of blackmail which Lord Hill-Norton foresees,1 the President of the United States would be faced with an appalling quandary. Should he risk a nuclear war with the real danger of escalation to intercontinental proportions, or acquiesce in some formula of European neutralisation which would amount to capitulation and the dissolution of the Atlantic Alliance?


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