The Institute for Pacific Relations on the Emperor System — a Canadian View

  • Kiyoko Takeda


The view of the emperor developed by members of the Institute for Pacific Relations was directly and indirectly influential on occupation policy for post-surrender Japan. This chapter will present some of the key documents related to the Ninth Conference of the Institute, which took place 6–17 January 1945, in Hot Springs, Virginia. Information derives chiefly from the detailed reports of the Ninth Conference, Security in the Pacific, which was published by the Institute in 1945, and from the transcripts of the round table discussions and papers given at the conference.1 These included a paper on the ‘Feudal Background of Japanese Politics’ by the Canadian representative, E. H. Norman, a scholar of Japanese history. One of the American members, William C. Johnstone, Dean of the School of Government, George Washington University, spoke on the ‘Future of Japan’. The report given to the conference by the British Chatham House Study Group, ‘Japan in Defeat’, was mentioned earlier.


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