Lionel Robbins: Methodology, Policy and Modern Theory

  • Maurice Peston


Lionel Robbins was born in 1898. He served in the First World War and, perhaps as a result of that experience, developed, like so many others of his generation, a desire to change society. He enrolled as a student at LSE, specialising in political ideas and having Harold Laski as his tutor. He learned his economics from Edwin Cannan and Hugh Dalton. He then worked as Beveridge’s research assistant for a year, spent some time as a fellow and lecturer at New College, Oxford, and then returned in 1929 to take the chair of economics at LSE. He held that chair until 1961 when his formal retirement began. It is necessary to underline the word ‘formal’ because even in the academic year 1979/80 he continues to lecture.


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