Quality Control in Delegated Administrative Work

  • Joseph A. Bello


Many Nigerians holding important managerial and administrative positions in private and public organisations are known to delegate authority and responsibility to subordinates very sparingly. A particular area of activity that appears to be susceptible of efficient performance through measured delegation to subordinates is administrative work. Many Nigerian executives frequently complain of the proportion of their limited time resources they find themselves wasting on administrative routines. Among such routines are the paperwork, letter writing, data gathering and analysis, preparation of regular and special returns of given functions, record keeping, and provision of information for customers, suppliers, government, and higher management. The subordinates of specific managers and administrators are ordinarily supposed to be deployed in performing most of the administrative tasks that recur in given organisations. A major concern of executives is how to be sure of the quality of administrative work delegated to subordinates. The executives who experience poor quality outputs from the subordinates to whom they have delegated given roles will not often be enthusiastic about entrusting further roles to such subordinates. Effective use of manpower in organisations requires that the resources of available subordinates be used to the utmost.


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