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The End of an Affair: I

  • Beatrice Webb
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From The Diary of Beatrice Webb vol. II: 1892-1905, ed. Norman and Jeanne MacKenzie (London: Virago, 1983) pp. 110–11. In the following entry for 9 March 1897 Beatrice Webb describes a call she paid on Bertha Newcombe, a Fabian and professional artist, whom some of Shaw’s friends had earlier expected him to marry. On at least two occasions in 1894–5 Beatrice had arranged for them to join her holiday parties together. But in August 1895, while Shaw was staying in Wales with the Webbs (Bertha being excluded), he made it clear to Janet Achurch that he had no intention of marrying Bertha, and his letter suggests that he had tried to convince her of this too.


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