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The War in Retrospect

  • A. M. Gibbs
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From Archibald Henderson, Table-talk of GBS: Conversations on Things in General between Bernard Shaw and his Biographer (London: Chapman & Hall, 1925) pp. 147–50, 154–8, 163–5. Archibald Henderson (1877–1963), sometime student of Einstein, taught mathematics at the University of North Carolina for nearly fifty years. He ‘discovered’ Shaw in 1903 and wrote to him a year later proposing to undertake a biography. Eventually he produced three — in 1911, 1932 and 1956 — as well as a large number of articles on Shavian topics. Table-talk, despite its title and presentation, was the product of written question and answer, augmented and revised by Shaw himself.


Fatigue Liner Trench Dine Dispatch 


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