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Holidays: III

  • Beatrice Webb
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From The Diary of Beatrice Webb, vol. ii: 1892-1905, ed. Norman and Jeanne MacKenzie (London: Virago, 1983) p. 80 and The Diary of Beatrice Webb, vol. III: 1905-1924, ed. Norman and Jeanne MacKenzie (London: Virago, 1984) p. 194. These two extracts, taken from entries dated 9 September 1895 and 2 January 1914, reveal changes in Shaw’s holiday style brought about by his marriage and increasing age and wealth. He learned to ride a bicycle with a holiday party led by the Webbs at Beachy Head in April 1895. That summer, cycling, including Shaw’s collision with Bertrand Russel (p. 278 below), figured largely in a seven-week holiday with the Webbs at The Argoed. It was interrupted by the Trades Union Congress at Cardiff, which Shaw covered for The Star, and ended with a three-day ride back to London.



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