Use of M-Mode Echocardiography in Clinical Pharmacology

  • D. G. Gibson


M-mode echocardiography is a method of using pulsed ultrasound to detect the position and movement of intracardiac structures. The technique itself, and its use in the study of left ventricular disease has been described in a number of recent monographs and reviews (Feigenbaum, 1976; Roelandt, 1977; Mason and Fortuin, 1978). It allows a number of aspects of left ventricular function to be studied. Of these, the simplest is the measurement of the transverse dimension of the left ventricular cavity at the level of the mitral valve apparatus. The technique has considerable potential advantages for clinical pharmacological studies in that it is non-invasive, has a repetition rate of 1000/s, compared with 50/s for angiography, or even less for nuclear methods. It shows endo- and epicardial surfaces of the posterior left ventricular wall unequivocally throughout the cardiac cycle, and allows septal movement to be studied. In addition, it is totally safe, so that it can be used on normal volunteers. Performing echocardiography, however, is difficult, and at least 6 months’ practice is likely to be required before records of adequate technical quality are obtained.


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