The Implementation of Sectoral Policy after the War

  • Timothy Dunmore


The evidence presented in Chapter 4 points to the dominance of production branch over regional interests in the implementation of economic policy. It also shows how the leadership’s policies were distorted in the process of their execution. It remains to be asked, however, whether these distortions were due to the absence of an administrative agency with an interest in implementing regional policy and the direct control over production to enable it to do so. The interests of heavy and light industry were so ‘represented’ by branch ministries. By looking at sectoral policy we should therefore be in a better position to decide whether the distortions in regional policy were due to the absence of ministerial defenders or to a more basic feature of the Soviet political system—that the implementors of economic policy had more influence over its direction than did the nominal policy-makers, the leadership.


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The Implementation of Sectoral Policy after the War

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