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H.G. Wells

  • Julian Huxley
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During that autumn of 1927 we went down to H.G.’s country place at Easton Glebe in Essex for week-ends of correction and discussion.1 Since H.G. demanded an impossible rate of progress, the atmosphere was apt to become stormy, and Juliette generally came along to lighten the tension. Yet after work he was a charming host. Supercharged and as if indestructible, H.G. worked, talked and played with a sort of fury. He had guests to meet us, with whom we played tennis and charades, and the famous Barn Game. This was a special ball-game played in the Long Barn when the weather was wet. The rules seemed to be made up by H.G. as we went along, but there was tremendous enthusiasm and plenty of exercise, a good game that left no post-mortems. Meals were gay with witty quips — H.G. never repeated a comic story — and his retorts were sharp, quick and very funny (also, alas elusive — I could never remember them).


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