Slump, 1928–36

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The collapse of the market for tobacco found the farmers in Marandellas divided. In March 1928 the South Marandellas Farmers’ Association discussed at their monthly meeting a letter from the Umvukwes Farmers’ Association requesting its support for the idea of quotas for tobacco growers and a compulsory selling pool. But the meeting, at twenty-five appreciably larger than usual, was so equally divided that nothing was done. On one thing, however, all were agreed: the matter was so important that a large majority should be required before any authoritative statement was made.1 One of the most articulate opponents of control was Luke Green, a former chairman of the Association and its representative on the RAU, and he prevailed upon his fellow farmers at the May meeting. In the north, however, Robert Tarrant successfully advocated the idea of quotas and that Association became one of only three to join Umvukwes in pressing for control.2 In some, such as Shamva’s, it was impossible even to find a seconder to a motion proposing control.3 This particular issue, however, did not mirror party divisions at all. Green was selected in 1928 to contest the Marandellas seat for the Rhodesian Party, on whose executive Tarrant sat; one of their opponents was to be John Moubray, the unfortunate Shamva farmer who had failed to find a seconder for control.


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