Socialism and Agriculture



The discussion on the multiplicity of problems lurking beneath the heading ‘Socialism and Agriculture’ has taken a highly unsatisfying course, by and large. Many people have rightly been censured for excessively simplifying the problem both methodologically and factually, by reducing it to the ‘question of the size of the enterprise’. One assertion is confronted with another, all parties to the dispute try to back up their theses with statistics, and finally one begins as one reads to wonder whether the subject of discussion has not somehow been displaced. One begins to ask whether it is really of such decisive significance for the possibility of a socialist society that the small-scale agricultural enterprise should be driven out in accordance with an inescapable natural law by the superior large-scale enterprise. A pre-condition for clarification would be a more precise definition of the ‘socialist society’ under discussion. Connected with this is a second question, as to what economic and social conditions must be fulfilled in agricultural production to make such a socialist society at all possible.


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