Reassessment of the Othello Theme at the Phoenix in Love’s Sacrifice

  • Dorothy M. Farr


Of Ford’s tragedies Love’s Sacrifice is the most typically Caroline. The title itself was calculated to please; the idea of love sacrificed for honour, loyalty or friendship was a late Jacobean vintage which had not lost its savour in the Caroline theatre, and the inevitably associated theme of sexual jealousy, with its potential psychological implications and scope for intrigue, had been developed in the contemporary theatre by Massinger, Brome and Shirley. Superficially the audience at the Phoenix were being offered what they had come to expect, nor would the pattern or business of the play disappoint them. The convolutions of an intricate plot gather round several centres of intrigue all bearing upon the focal love triangle between the Duke, his Duchess and his friend. In the action the links are loose but the secondary plots are so clearly inter-involved around the Ducal Court as to create the illusion of a unity of place.


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