Teaching Management in the 1980s: the United States

  • William B. Wolf


This paper presents a point of view as to what ‘ought to be’ a central thrust for college or university teaching of management in the 1980s. It is not a prediction of things to come. Rather, it is an attempt to shape the nature of the future. In essence, the point of view in this paper is that the teaching of management should and must involve differential diagnosis of organisations. It must recognise that not only are there common elements of management shared by most all organisations, but that there are also unique aspects. Hence, efficacious use of managerial tools and techniques involves making judicious adjustments for the uniqueness of the specific setting in which they are used. Furthermore, the teaching of management must recognise that there is a proper balance between science and art. An effort must be made to enhance the ‘art’ of management as well as the science.


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