The Scope and Direction of New Conventional Weapons Technology

  • Johannes Steinhoff
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This chapter concentrates on new conventional weapons technology within the North Atlantic Alliance, with special emphasis on land/air warfare in Central Europe. In this theatre there is not only a confrontation of forces in numbers without precedent in history, but both sides are using the most modern equipment. It is here that the scope and direction of new technology is already visible, and it is here too that the Alliance’s shortcomings in the face of the consequences of this new technology are apparent. Secondly, the discussion will relate to conventional operations only. The level of the nuclear threshold is, of course, affected by the relative conventional capabilities of the two sides, and some of the new developments (for instance, improved target-acquisition and delivery accuracy) would be of consequence in naval and amphibious operations. However, to deal with these aspects in the proper detail would be outside the scope of this particular chapter.


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