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Oscar Wilde and the Pre-Raphaelite Movement

  • J. Comyns Carr


Amongst the people who provided ‘copy’ for George du Maurier’s1Punch drawings was Oscar Wilde. I cannot claim to have shared with Oscar Wilde the honour of being caricatured by Gilberto in his operas, but when George du Maurier’s Mrs. Cimabue Brown appeared in Punch as the companion-figure to Postlethwaite its origin was commonly attributed to the wife of the director of the Grosvenor Gallery. I had long been accustomed to supporting a certain amount of ridicule in the matter of clothes, because in the days when bustles and skin-tight dresses were the fashion, and a twenty-inch waist the aim of every self-respecting woman, my frocks followed the simple, straight line as waistless as those of to-day.


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