Religious belief among the intelligentsia

  • Christopher Read


If the Russian intelligentsia after 186o had a unifying factor, it was probably militant atheism. This common idea was shaken in the minds of some of its holders after the ‘going to the people’ of the 1870s when members of the intelligentsia were converted to religious belief by the example of the peasantry.1 A similar process occurred in the development of the hero of the intelligentsia, Tolstoy, who was converted to peasant simplicity. His example was followed by numerous disciples from the intelligentsia who formed a kind of sect based on Tolstoy’s outlook. But despite these cracks in the monolith of militant atheism, the effects were not far-reaching and were fully accepted by only a small part of the intelligentsia. The major impulse to religious and philosophical values came from quite another direction and it is this which will be the object of attention in this chapter.


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