Quantitative diffractometry — determination of Anatase in Rutile

  • R. Jenkins
  • J. L. de Vries
Part of the Philips Technical Library book series (PTL)


A sample is known to contain two crystalline modifications of TiO2, namely rutile and anatase. Spectrographic analysis failed to reveal the presence of other elements, so the sample can be assumed to consist only of TiO2. A scan is made with the diffractometer and integrated intensities measured for the (110) reflection of rutile (I R ) and for the (101) reflection of anatase (I A ). Background measurements were made from a suitable part of the background. The measured intensities are as follows: The following relationship is known to exist between the concentration of rutile (C R ) and the concentration of anatase (C A ):
where K is a proportionality constant. Previous experiments 9) indicated a value of 1.33 for K.


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  • R. Jenkins
  • J. L. de Vries

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