Platelet-Foreign Surface Interactions with Oxygenator Membranes

  • R. M. Lindsay
  • M. Friesen
  • J. Cooper
  • A. Birek
  • K. Scott
  • A. L. Linton
Part of the Strathclyde Bioengineering Seminars book series (KESE)


The interaction of platelets and oxygenator membranes is of clinical importance. The membranes have an affinity for platelet retention which may, per se, cause a haemostatic defect while the release reaction may cause the formation of harmful microemboli of aggregated platelets together with possible vasoactive phenomena. With regard to the release reaction a plasma factor, possibly associated with complement activation, develops following contact of plasma or whole blood with membranes used in oxygenators and dialysis. In the development of biocompatible membranes for such devices platelet-foreign surface interactions, as described, below, require to be considered.


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  • R. M. Lindsay
  • M. Friesen
  • J. Cooper
  • A. Birek
  • K. Scott
  • A. L. Linton

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