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Forecasting Losses from Seed-borne Diseases and Assessing Disease Tolerances for Seed Health Testing

  • Paul Neergaard


Seed health testing of crop seeds for sowing purposes is intended to measure seed-borne inoculum potential. Assessments of the economic implications of seed-borne inocula in terms of possible crop losses should be an integral part of such testing activities. Expressed in another way: how much may the farmer have to pay in crop loss for a definite infection percentage found by testing his seed lot? The information available to answer this question varies extremely widely from one seed-borne disease to another and ranges from total ignorance to well-established facts of loss of profit by the farmer.


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  • Paul Neergaard
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  1. 1.Danish Government Institute of Seed Pathology for Developing CountriesCopenhagenDenmark

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