Comparative Urban Politics and Interorganisational Behaviour

  • Stephen L. Elkin


Lima, Peru, has no city government. The central city is divided into several municipalities including a portion governed by Lima Province.1 Similarly, Valencia, Venezuela, is largely governed by a variety of central government agencies over which the local authority exercises limited influence.2 In contrast, Zagreb, Yugoslavia, has a metropolitan area government which can vote its own budgets, pass laws and establish agencies without central control.3 In Calcutta, India, the chief executive is appointed by the state government, but locally elected councillors have considerable voice in a variety of administrative matters and personnel appoint- ments, decisions in Calcutta reflecting these two apparently evenly balanced actors.4 In Lodz, Poland, however, local decisions are largely made in central departments, and in conflicts between the local council and ministerial orders, the latter tend to dominate.5


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