Investigations on the Accuracy of Reproduction of Electrohydraulic Forming and Development of an Electrohydraulic Forming Machine

  • R. Zeller


The accuracy of reproduction was investigated, by drawing conical hollow bodies with rotational symmetry, as dependent on the stored energy of the capacitors, the shape of the die cavity and the vacuum between sheet metal blank and die cavity. Also the limiting drawing ratio was investigated. The results follow. A cylindrical hollow body could not be produced, while there are certain limits for the cone angle. Optimum values were found for the stored energy and the vacuum. The long operational time in the water reservoir and the low efficiency led to the construction of a closed die. Therefore a machine for electrohydraulic forming with pneumatic sequence control was developed. By expanding tubes with this machine a cycle time of 40 seconds was achieved.


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  • R. Zeller
    • 1
  1. 1.Institut für UmformtechnikUniversität Stuttgart (TH)Germany

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