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  • Samuel Curran


There never seems to me to be a great deal of point in having Opening Remarks at the beginning of an international Symposium such as the one starting today. Experts have come together to discuss specialist topics. However that may be in a general way, it is probably true to say that there is more point to Opening Remarks now than in the past. For example, we have just recently had a rather huge conference on the environment taking place in Stockholm primarily under the auspices of the United Nations. None of us can escape, even if we would, the pressures that are mounted in all forms of communication on the themes of ecology, the environment and pollution. Newspapers, radio and television remind us constantly of these topical themes. It has, for most scientists and engineers, a possibly serious repercussion. Mixed up in much of the argument and propaganda is the implication that technology is driving man along routes which might lead to his doom. In fact, there is now a real danger that a substantial number of the most able young people who would have entered science and technology will be dissuaded from doing so.

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