Preliminary Considerations of Design

  • Ian Robb


Consider the normal procedure in commercial design when a steel-framed structure is required. The customer, or client, will have some idea in mind of the size, purpose, cost and use to which the building will be put. He will consult a plant engineer, if industrial plant is required, and an architect if aesthetic appearance or space planning is required. These experts will then confer with the customer, and an initial conception of the building will be sketched out. It is at this stage that the designer of the building frame should be consulted, so that his knowledge of construction materials and economics of design can be added to the discussion. The result should be a series of final layout drawings which will enable the customer to see whether the building meets his requirements. On these drawings should also be marked the position of all structural members, together with all floor and plant loadings, so that the designer will be able to begin his detail design.


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