Coating with Plastics

  • G E Barrett
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Plastics coatings were originally applied to metals to protect them against corrosion. This is still one of the major uses, but the field has now widened to embrace cushion coatings to prevent damage to delicate parts, coatings for electrical insulation purposes and coatings for decorative finishes. In the chemical industry, engineers are making increasing use of specific plastics for corrosion protection against an ever increasing combination of compounds which attack mild steel and very often stainless steel. The automotive industry has a very large number of carrying-jigs coated with a resilient grade of PVC to prevent chromium plated components from being scratched, and instruments from being jolted during in-plant movements. Tubular sheet furniture is being coated in PVC, epoxy and, in particular, nylon to provide an exceptionally durable, non-chip, decorative finish for both indoor and outdoor use.


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