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Science and Revolt

  • John Vaizey
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Many countries attempted to reorganise their higher education in the 1950s; one of the major attempts to do so was in the United Kingdom where the Robbins Report on Higher Education, published in 1963, postulated a new structure of higher education under more centralised direction. The United Kingdom had lagged considerably behind the rest of Europe in terms of student numbers, although as the wastage rates in higher education in the United Kingdom were comparatively low, in terms of numbers of graduates it ranked among the highest nations. The Robbins Committee foresaw a quadrupling of higher education over a period of twenty years, based upon an expansion on the one hand of the universities, and on the other hand a faster expansion of teacher training and technical education. This was to be achieved with no deterioration of the standards of students accepted for admission, or of teaching conditions. The prior assumption of this expansion, of course, was that the expansion should be in response to the demand for student places and not according to any expressed manpower needs of the economy. This also implied that the conditions that existed in the early 1960s represented in some sense an optimum. It did not allow for the development of a comprehensive university system which would take in substantially more people of lower qualifications than those existing in the early 1960s, nor did it allow for the reorientation of the university and other higher education systems towards new and possibly wider ends.


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