Of idolatrous corruptions, quickly rising, and hardly at length vanishing in the world: and of the Reliques of Truth touching these ancient times, obscurely appearing in fables and old Legends

  • Walter Ralegh


Here before we proceede any further, the occasion offereth it selfe for vs to consider, how the Greekes and other more ancient Nations, by fabulous inuentions, and by breaking into parts the Storie of the Creation, and by deliuering it ouer in a mysticall sense, wrapping it vp mixed with other their owne trumperie, haue sought to obscure the truth thereof; and haue hoped, that after-ages, being thereby brought into many doubts, might receiue those intermixt discourses of God and Nature for the inuentions of Poets and Philosophers, and not as any thing borrowed or stolne out of the bookes of God. But as a skilfull and learned Chymist can aswell by separation of visible elements draw helpfull medicines out of poyson, as poyson out of the most healthfull hearbs and plants (all things hauing in themselues both life and death) so, contrarie to the purposes and hopes of the Heathen, may those which seeke after God and Truth finde out euery where, and in all the ancient Poets and Philosophers, the Storie of the first Age, with all the workes and maruailes thereof, amply and liuely exprest.


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