Simplex Applications

  • K. Brian Haley
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Most applications of the simplex method are fairly straightforward, subject to the availability of the data in the correct form. The restrictions on time, materials, money and other resources can usually be written as equations or inequalities as linear functions of the variables. The objective function is also often linear in these variables. Occasionally the variable that is used must be changed: instead of the amount of each product which is made being the variable it is necessary to use another measure, e.g. the time a machine is used, or the quantity of raw material, or the proportions that are mixed. This change of variable is sometimes difficult to see and this chapter gives some unusual applications. They are taken from three other methods of Operational Research: queueing, critical path and game theory. The other examples are from paper cutting, metal slitting, process flow and a modification to the problem in Chapter 3 on fat production. Other examples will be found in the references.


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