Perigeal Modes of Eternal Life and Issues

  • James Kellenberger


We will begin this chapter by considering the possibility that some, perhaps many, eternal lives may be found within what are otherwise quite ordinary lives. In fact, we have already encountered this possibility. In this chapter’s second section, we will pursue it further. Also in this chapter, we will take up the issue of what is and what is not a mode of eternal life. In the third section, approximations and similitudes of modes of eternal life, as well as preparations, will be distinguished and discussed. Some of these may be part of or interdigitate with modes of eternal life, but all, it will be argued, are appropriately distinguished from eternal life in the understanding that we have developed. The chapter’s fourth section will focus on interiority and consciousness as the sine qua non and the sufficient condition of eternal life and its modes, and in it, we will explore certain subtleties in its presence or absence. In the final section of this chapter, eternal life in this life will be related to the religious virtue of detachment.


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